We’ve often heard the phrase “The terrible twos”…well we here at Lil’ People call it the Terrific Two’s!!  Think about your child as they bridge the gap of being a “baby” to a “big” boy or girl!  So much is going on in their young lives.  Learning to use their words, potty training, socialization and gross motor skills building.   They are becoming their own little persons, with their own ideas and personalities.  It’s such a fantastic age!  We encourage their growth through detail oriented developed lesson plans.  The children are always encouraged and never forced. 

Program Features

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Why Choose Lil People's

Learning Life Skills.
Lil People's Playhouse is dedicated to a learning environment that's fun.
Dedicated Staff.
Our employees are all dedicated to the early education field and are trained on all new topics in education.
Our 20+ years of experience speaks for itself. We've seen our children grow into adults and all of them have fond memories of their experience at Lil People's.
We know you. You know us.
We are your community , neighbors and your friends.
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