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A program for your child.

Lil Peoples Playhouse has a variety of programs for children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 5 years old. Each of our classroom programs offer a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for each specific age group.

Our teachers are all certified and or trained in the early childhood field. We keep exceptionally low ratios and have a low staff turnover as well. Our many years of experience in this field allows for us to offer the best in quality care and education.

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A program for every child.

Infants are unique with respect to their varied schedules.  Although we think they are basically the same in simple needs and wants. Sleep, feeding and nurturing loving arms.  They also are learning and taking in their enviroment around them.  more >
A Waddler--a child between walking and Toddler. These are the most precious times for your child and we are here to see them through the stage of curiosity and wonder. more >
We’ve often heard the phrase “ The terrible twos”…well we here at Lil’ People call it the Terrific Two’s!!  Think about your child as they bridge the gap of being a “baby” to a “big” boy or girl!  So much is going on in their young lives.  more >
Pre K 1 .
Children learn through their “Creative” Play.  Our early childhood program continues to build on the foundations that the children have already met in their pre Nursery School age years. more >
Pre-K 2.
Our Pre-K 2 program is designed to prepare your child for his/her kindergarten experience. Your child will become an active learner who is involved in many hands on experiences in the classroom. more >
Summer Program.
Our summer fun program is designed to enhance our learning through summer fun activities such as field trips, sprinkler day, cooking camp and bike day! 

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